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Friday, August 10, 2012


I was knocked out from 10 pm till 1 am after dinner with beer and red wine. Not feeling sleepy after waking up at 1 am, I decided to stayed up to watch the Women 10m Diving final, which Malaysia National Diver Pandelela Rinong had a go for a medal in it.

She started with a poor dive but did great in the other four, especially the crucial final dive that gave her the points to overtake the others. The points is so close for the silver and bronze medal. A few favourites did badly in the final dives that cost them their points. The results is not what was expected except for the gold that went to China's Chen Ruolin, whom is consistently doing high score in high difficulty. Silver went to 16 year old Australian diver, Brittany Broben and Bronze of course is won by our very own Pamg Pandelala Rinong. You can see that Chen Ruoling is just competing with herself, is about 56 points different between her and Brittany. It's a close call for Pandelela, whom won Melissa Wu of Australia just by 1.1 point. Phew!

#TaniahPandelela, not only you won the bronze medal but you've created history to be the 1st Malaysian female Olympic medalist and the 1st non-badminton Olympic medal ever won by Malaysia.

A genuinely happy smile on her face when she's step up onto the podium during the medal presentation ceremony. Once again we see Jalur Gemilang being raised in the London Olympics 2012.

She got to be at the International media photography session along with Chen Ruolin and Brittanny Broben.

Thank you Pandelela. Thank you Chong Wei. This is the best gift ever you both to give Malaysia for Hari Merdeka.