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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tooth Fairy

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It's been a while I didn't watch any movie. I got the screening ticket for Tooth Fairy from Nuffnang. The second movie I watched for the month of January I think lol. Starring Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), this is yet another comedy role taken up by him. Previously he starred in The Game Plan.

Derek aka Tooth Fairy is a former NHL hockey player which he's now playing in a smaller league. He got the nickname Tooth Fairy because when he played defend, he crushed his opponents so hard that some of their teeth fell off.

Not your normal tooth fairy.

Derek is quite pessimistic and doesn't have a motivation to try his best anymore in the hockey arena. In short, he's not a dreamer or a believer. One night, he told his girl friend (Ashley Judd), Carly's daughter that there's no such thing as tooth fairy in the world. Later that night, he got summon to the Tooth Fairyland and has to serve a sentence of being a tooth fairy for two weeks by the Fairy Godmother Lily (Julie Andrews).

Derek with his wingless charger Tracy.

It's funny to see The Rock in tights. Also the way he interacted with his charger Tracy (Stephen Merchant) which happens to be male fairy without wings. I'll have to give two thumbs up for Billy Crystal for his very funny gadget fairy role. I laughed until there's tears in my eyes in a scene where Billy Crystal is showing the amnesia powder to Derek.

Derek with his girlfriend Carly.

In the end of the day, Derek have to believe in dreaming again and also not to diminished the power of imagination of children. It's another feel good movie that will give you a boost of hope in life when you're feeling down. Oh, also one of the pun-niest movie I ever watch lol.

Although not too many scene but Julie Andrews portrayed the Supreme Fairy Godmother very well.

Rating: 3.5/5


Wo Shi Nicole aka MsXeRoZ said...

oh gosh, i miss Julie Andrews, she should have been given more roles. Guess she's too old ler..

Ee Mun said...

I've seen the movie, kinda disappoint me, not a recommended one :(

Mickeymiao said...

boleh tahan la

Eddie Storms said...

I didn't like the movie that much. Dwayne Johnson was fun, but the script and direction wasn't good. Fortunately, it didn't have anything to do with dentistry, so my kids enjoyed it thoroughly. In fact, the week after we watched the movie on the big screen, they asked their mom to host a movie party with their friends here in Atlanta. Aah, the tooth fairy fantasy lives on...

Simon Seow said...

This movie not too bad. Hey if the kids like it, then by all means it's good.