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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Nuffnang Charity Project - Baby Ammar

Updates: Good news. Baby Ammar already has sufficient funding for the surgery. Thank you all that has contributed whether monetary or something else. Read the full details here.

Baby Ammar needs your help. He has a heart condition and need to perform a surgery and there's need of fund for this surgery.

Snippets from Nuffnang.."2-year-old Ammar Danish has suffered from Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) since birth. He has a hole in his heart which results in oxygenated blood and non-oxygenated blood mixing together, which in turn puts a lot of strain on his heart and lung arteries. In some cases, the hole eventually seals itself up after some time, but during a routine checkup on 11 January 2010, it was clear that that wasn’t the case with Baby Ammar and doctors pronounced surgery as being necessary to prevent the situation from growing worse."

You can read more about his condition in his's mother's blog.

I'm helping by making this message known by more people so that they know how they can help too.

If you blog and is run Nuffnang Ads on your blog:

Enable ‘Show Charity Ads’ in your Blog Manager preferences for the duration of this fundraiser. You will not be paid for displaying the ads, but the ads will greatly help to promote this cause to more people who might be willing to do something for Baby Ammar.

If you are a blogger:

Blog about Baby Ammar’s condition, and include a link to this Nuffnang blog post so that your readers will know where to go for more information. Again, this will also do a great service to Baby Ammar by spreading the word about his condition.

Anyone can do this, even RM 1 can help:

Make a donation to Azmaniza Mohamad Kamal – 514093114912 (Maybank). Every little bit helps, so please do contribute any amount you can.

Baby Ammar’s surgery is scheduled for 22 February 2010, and the fund-raising effort will end on midnight at 17 February 2010. It is indeed a short period of time, but let us all rise to the occasion and prove to everyone the strength of a blogging community like ours. We’ll update in this post from time to time on the amount of donations raised.

You can get more information from the Nuffnang Charity Project - Baby Ammar blog post from Nuffnang site. I'm doing my part to help, are you?


Wen Pink said...

awww u r so kind... i shall go and enable the ad too..

Simon Seow said...

I don't have much money mah. So help however I could lor in another way.