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Friday, March 29, 2013

Mikan Japanese Cuisine & Bistro Re-vishifted

Wow. It's been a year plus now since I ate at Mikan Japanese Cuisine & Bistro. You can read about my last visit here. I saw Groupon Malaysia was selling Mikan cash voucher at 50% discount. Every RM 50 voucher will be sold at RM 25 a piece. So, I paid RM50 and got a total of RM 100 worth of Mikan cash voucher. It's time to revisit Mikan again.

Before I could utilize my vouchers, I got email from Groupon that Mikan has been shifted to Damansara Perdana. Time extension was given. Phew. I left only 5 days before the vouchers expired. So, two weeks ago I asked my cousins Joyce and Jas to tag along with me.

The shop was only 80% complete according to the co-owner, Casey. There's still a little bit of touch up needs to be done. I left the ordering to Casey, which is somewhat like an Omakase. I didn't even see the menu.

Coincidentally Nicole was there too. It's been a while I didn't camwhore with her. So, a #selca is a must, especially she just got her long hair cut short that day itself.

Back to the food. For starter, Casey recommended Kinoko(木野子) Salada (Mushrooms Salad). Using cooked Enoki and Shitake sprinkled with Ebiko tossed with cherry tomatoes, Japanese cucumbers and lettuce dressed with special sesame salad dressing. There's a mix of warmness from the mushrooms and coolness from the vegetables. The dressing is nice for a Japanese style salad. Nice playing of different texture. Substitution of meat with mushrooms made this salad healthier to be eaten.

Kinoko Salada (RM16++)
Moving on is Shake Sashimi (Salmon Sashimi), which according to Casey he just collected it fresh that afternoon. If, it's that fresh, I will want taste of it. True enough, the salmon sashimi is so fresh that just a dab of soya sauce is enough to make it taste good. What I like is that Mikan is not stingy at all with their sashimi, the cut is thicker that some of the Japanese restaurant I've been too where I only get very thinly sliced sashimi. Ah, it's salmon orgasm in my mouth.

Shake Sashimi (RM16++)

The current trend of Japanese cuisine in Malaysia is the use of mentaiko sauce in the dishes. We had two mentaiko dishes that night. Mentai Tamagoyaki (Grilled Eggs with Mentai Sauce) and Hotate Mentai (Scallops with Mentai Sauce).

The Mentai Tamagoyaki looks simple but it's quite hard to make it taste good especially the right texture for the eggs which is not over or undercooked. The chef in Mikan did it just right. Top with the flavourful mentai sauce. Yums.

Mentai Tamagoyaki RM12++

The most expensive dish that night is the Hotate Mentai. Why? The scallops are air flown from Hokkaido and it's the biggest scallop I've ever eaten in my life. My mouth can only fit in half of the scallop. The Hotate Mentai here beats all the other versions that I've eaten in so many other Japanese restaurant chains.

Hotate Mentai (RM45++)

Last but not least, something that I rarely see in any Japanese restaurant here in Malaysia. Behold, le Braised Pork. Although it's not some expensive pork like the Black Fur Pork from Japan is used the chef was able to make the Braised Pork so juicy and tender that it will just melts in my mouth. The broth is the best. Tasted just nice, not too salty nor too greasy. A few pieces of pork lards were put in there to just bring out the aroma. It's a must order for pork lover. Although I've ate quite a lot of the braised pork but I don't feel 'jelak' at all.

Braised Pork (RM32++)

We also had Mushroom Skewers (RM4.50++ per stick) but I didn't take any photo because Casey told us to eat it quick while it's warm. Not much flavouring was used but the natural sweetness of the mushrooms made up for it.

It's such a wonderful dinner. High quality ingredients are used and the price is quite reasonable. Also, there's pork served now after shifted to Damansara Perdana. I will surely come here quite often from now on.


Mikan Japanese Cuisine & Bistro
LG 03, Plaza Emerald North
PJU 8/3A, Damansara Perdana
Petaling Jaya

Tel: 03-7713 5288
Lunch: 11.30 a.m. - 3.00 p.m.
Dinner: 6.00 p.m. - 10.00 p.m.

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