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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Celebrating The Launch of Heineken New Iconic Bottle

Update: Heineken wants to send you to Sensation Taiwan 2012. Click here for more info.

It happens like 3 weeks ago at KL Live. Yes. I know, I've been lazy to write blog post. I need to buy a desk and a chair so I can write comfortably in my room because there's no privacy at all in the living room here in my house. Okay back to the celebration party of the launch of Heineken New Iconic Bottle. The nice people from Heineken flew in Dutch DJ, Ferry Corsten for this party. He does attracts a lot of party-goers coming to this party.

Huai Bin and Tian Chad were there. Tian Chad is now in London covering the Olympics, if you want to read something Olympic from another view, then head on to his blog. Have a great time there!

When there's party, there's Serge. We met again in Nuffnang Blogopolis in the same week lol.

"Where are the girls?", you asked. Nah, herelah.

Cindy with her hair getting longer and longer. Want to fight with Rapunzel, is it?

Cindy's friend Ruby, whom I haven't met for a year or two.

Here are Qian Qian and Bendan. Please ignore Benjamin.

Here's Kelly, Louise and Choulyin.

After an hour of drinking, it's finally begin. Here's a video of the Heineken New Iconic Bottle presentation.

And then the man himself, DJ Ferry Corsten bringing down the house.

No wonder he's so popular, he really can spin and mixed some good dance music. Heineken definitely chose the right man for the job.

It's not even near the end and we had already drank so many bottles of Heineken.

There will be more of this coming. To be part of Heineken’s exciting calendar of events, log on to or for more information.

Some facts about the Heineken New Iconic Bottle:

The bottle caps all now have QUALITY written on them.

A longer neck gives the bottle a slimmer and more modern shape. It also proudly bears the Heineken name. The neck then leads to a strong and manlier shoulder.

The thumb groove is an added feature that encourages you to hold the bottle with a better grip, and allows the beer to stay cold longer.

The embossed logo gives the bottle a stamp of authenticity and class.

A transparent label lets you see your beer clearly. It also sits higher, emphasising the shoulder


ciki said...

is the bottle really that different? anyway nice camwhore shots as usual :P

Simon Seow said...

yeah. one of the differences is that the label is now transparent.